In These Easy 11 Steps, You Can Perform Lakshmi Pooja This Year!

Hello!This year’s Diwali is very near and people often wonder how to perform Lakshmi Pooja. The concept is very easy but little bit lengthy. In this post, I will be explaining you the whole process in detail step-wise. So, let’s get started.

Step 1

Purify Your House Using Gangajal

The first step is to purify your house or the place where you are performing the Pooja with Gangajal (Water Of River Ganga). You have to sprinkle the Jal at the spot of Pooja along with reciting the mantras.

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Step 2

Set Up The Platform Of Pooja

The second and one of the most important step is to set up the whole platform to perform the Pooja. Here, you have to cover a small table with a red-colored cloth. You have also keep a hand full of rice.

Step 3

Place The Kalash On The Rice

Here, you have to place the Kalash on the part of rice kept on the Pooja platform i.e. in the middle. Fill the Kalash with water (about 70 % – 80 %). You also have to place Marigold flour/genda on the right side of the Kalash and one Betelnut/Supari on the left side of the same. Wash 5 Mango leaves with Gangajal and place them in the Kalash with the arrangement of placing them around the neck of the Kalash. Place a coconut/Nariyal on the top of the Kalash vertically and make the symbol of Swastik on the Klash with Chandan/Roli using ring finger.

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Step 4

Placement Of Goddess Lakshmi

Place the idol of Goddess Lakshmi on the left if the Kalash. Apply the tika of Chandan and Kumkum to the Goddess. Put some coins in front of the Goddess. Keep some more rice grain around the Klash and make a small hill of it.


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Step 5

Placement Of Lord Ganesha

When it comes to any Pooja and we forget Lord Ganesha, this cannot happen. Place the Idol of Lord Ganesha on the right of Kalash. Apply the tika of Chandan and Kumkum to Lord Ganesha too. Now add a lighted diya in front of both idols.Image result for ganesha idol

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Step 6

Placement Of Wealth Related Stuffs

Now, you have to place the related stuff related to your business or wealth like diaries, books etc and arrange them near the idols. This will surely help in your business.

Step 7

Prepare The Pooja Thaali

You also have to prepare the Pooja plate/Thaali. Take a Peetal Thaali. Put a lighted diya facing the Pooja platform. Place a little bit of Kumkum/Roli, Genda flowers and Gangajal in a small Peetal glass.

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Step 8

Recite The Lakshmi Mantra

You should also know the Lakshmi Mantra or if you don’t know recite her name in mind by joining the hands having flowers and rice in your hand. If you know the Mantra, then recite the whole Mantra once by having the same hand position.

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Step 9

Offer Flowers To The Goddess

Now after having the Mantra, offer the flowers and rice to the Goddess.

Step 10

Place These Essentials To The Goddess

Before having the Aarti,  place these essentials to the Goddess Lakshmi. Put the flower Garland in the neck of the idol. Apply Kumkum Chandan on idol’s forehead. Place Rose flower petals along with Genda flowers in front of Goddess. Place insane sticks/ Agarbattis and dhoop sticks.

Step 11

Recite The Aarti

At the end, Recite the main Aarti to the Goddess and end the Pooja. Give the aarti to all the members of the family and show the aarti to the whole house in the Peetal plate.

Final Thoughts

So, these were the easy steps by which you can perform the whole Lakshmi Pooja in less time period and these are the exact steps to be followed. You can perform these steps in this year’s Diwali that is Diwali 2017.

Thank you!

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